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From the first to the last coffee pod,
an always perfect espresso.

Minuto Espresso System, pure pleasure in pod.
From our long tradition in roasting and from the experience gained in the professional field of Italian coffee, “Minuto Espresso System” was born, a technology that allows to obtain an espresso with the best features of taste and aroma, away from bars, at home or in the office.

Minuto System coffee pods, for an always perfect espresso
Thanks to the particular blend properly made for the type of percolation, our Minuto pods allow to obtain always a coffee with all the features of the perfect Espresso.
A careful selection of the blends from the origins, together with the appropriate grounding, proper to the exclusive method of extraction of minuto system coffee machine, bring into the cup only the excellence of the powder placed between the two cellulose papers.   

The best origins for an excellent coffee.
“MINUTO Espresso System” coffee pods are made from the best seletions of coffee and packed individually in protective atmosphere, to obtain a fresh and fragrant product, as freshly roasted and with all the features of a great espresso. “Minuto” espresso pods are single-dose packed and the coffee, once being roasted and ground, is dosed and pressed between two papers (usually 7 gr per pod).

Haiti Roma Minuto coffee pod. An eco-sustainable product.
Pods are packed in protective atmosphere and tightly sealed, to grant always that the product is constant in quality; and for the fact that they don't contain substances harmful for the environment and people, they can be disposed of as wet waste.

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